Purpose of the Girl Scouts of the USA

For the Girl Scouts their membership builds confidence, courage and character. Over the years there have been a number of different mission statements. Nine in total and they all have some similarities to them. The first mission statement the Girls Scouts lived by was in 1912 and stated that girls must take their rightful places - first being good women, the then good citizens, mothers and wives.

Over time the purpose changed somewhat but much remained quite similar to the preceding mission. In 1917 the mission statement spoke of promoting the virtues of motherhood and training girls of their obligation to their country and God.

The next mission statement change came in 1924 when the leader of the organization said the organization was to help girls understand the ideals of being a woman so they can be prepared for what their responsibilities will be in their home and any service they give to the community.

In 1953, the Girl Scouts purpose was to help girls develop into resourceful, happy, individuals that can help as citizens in their communities, their home, and the country. In 1912, when Girls Scouts was started by Juliette Low she wanted the skills and values of the girls to be built by them and to give back through their service and leadership.

Today, the leaders of the organization are listening to what the girls want and what's important to them. Today's girls want new adventures and learn to build courage. They want to build confidence, discover their own abilities, to build a strong character and be able to speak their opinions and improve the world around them. Girls want a place that is all-girl in order to find their own voice and become community, national and world leaders. Therefore, the new leader of the organization has stated they have paid attention to the new girl's needs and will deliver what the girls have asked for.


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